ssz-13 zeolite

SSZ-13 zeolite

Our company can offer Si / Al = 5-35 (atomic ratio) nano – micron.


BET specific surface area > 600 m2 / g

Grain size 0.2~5μm

Thermal stability > 1300 ° C

At the same time, according to customer needs can provide Na, H , NH4 or Cu SSZ-13!

XRF, XRD, SEM and other characterization data can be provided if needed!

The company relies on universities with strong scientific research. If a small amount of samples are needed for experiments, laboratory-grade high-quality molecular sieve samples can be provided. If the sample demand exceeds 1 kg, it can provide a consistent industrial grade product, and the price is excellent!

Our custom SSZ-13 products have been highly evaluated by many research institutes at home and abroad, and are widely used in denitrification, biomass conversion, natural gas conversion, membrane separation and other fields. At the same time, our customized high-quality nano-sized SSZ-13 CHA is used as a synthetic seed for secondary growth of molecular sieves with excellent results.

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