FOCUS SSZ-13 CO.,LTD is Professional production SSZ-13 zeolite and catalyst factory .

Our company has deep ploughed molecular sieves for more than ten years in the fields of catalysis, adsorption and ion exchange.Our company relies on the strength of scientific research universities, can meet the different needs of customers, can customize ssz-13 molecular sieve for customers.

At present, we have two ssz-13 molecular sieve production lines, and our annual output is 1800-2500 tons.

We not only provide high quality molecular sieves and catalysts,

More powerful molecular sieve and catalyst application technology support!

Help customers research and industry application!

Our custom SSZ-13 products have been highly evaluated by many research institutes at home and abroad, and are widely used in denitrification, biomass conversion, natural gas conversion, membrane separation and other fields. At the same time, Our comany customized high-quality nano-sized SSZ-13 is used as a CHA synthetic crystal seed for secondary growth of molecular sieves with excellent results.

At the same time Cu, Na, H or NH 4 type SSZ-13 is available according to customer requirements.

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